Making the Major Gift Ask In Person or Virtually: A Role-Playing Workshop

A good ask is a work of art that anyone can master. In this session, you’ll learn the tactics of a successful solicitation – in person or virtually. Working in small teams, participants will role play with real-life donor scenarios, developing a solicitation script and gift proposal, making the ask, dealing with objections, and following up the ask. This session will also cover the solicitation outline, ideal ask amount, and follow-up donor stewardship that can lead to additional and larger gifts. This session is designed for senior development professionals who want to perfect their craft as well as board members who are reluctant solicitors.

Recording length: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Speakers: Jim Bush, Principal & President, Winkler Group; Chip Denton, Head of School, Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill

Key Topics: major gifts, making the ask, donors, donor solicitation, fundraising

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