Infuse Continuity Planning into Your Next Strategic Plan

These days, many organizations are asking themselves: Could we have been better prepared? While organizations use strategic planning to prepare for opportunities and challenges and to chart a course forward, nonprofits have spent 2020 adapting and evolving, and are taking a new look at future strategic planning needs. In this session, you’ll explore strategic scenario planning, risk management, and continuity planning as part of your strategic planning process; think through incorporating strategic communications, building out the role of your board, and identifying the right expertise to guide your planning; discuss examples from small organizations with six-figure budgets to those with large multi-million dollar fundraising campaigns; and leave with practical examples and ideas for creating your own strategic planning processes to face the future realistically.

Recording length: 1 hour, 2 minutes

Speakers: Mary Moss, Co-Founder and Partner, moss+ross; Kim Glenn, Senior Associate, Managing Director, moss+ross

Key Topics: continuity planning, Strategic Planning, scenario planning, risk management, board role, strategic communications

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