Creating Respectful Workplaces in a #MeToo World

Survivors of sexual harassment and assault have pushed the envelope with the courageous #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns. Bold truth-telling through social media and technology has changed how allegations get reported and how organizations must respond. In fact, the federal government issued a report in its own words to "reboot workplace harassment efforts." A lot has changed with public and enforcement agency expectations for what organizations should be doing. Attorneys Kimberly Koranado and Taylor Dewberry of Smith Anderson Law Firm presented this webinar to explore how nonprofits can be proactive in creating respectful, safe workplaces including:

  • The role of nonprofits’ leadership in creating safer organizations
  • Nine important emerging trends related to harassment
  • Common mistakes in policy drafting and implementation
  • What EEOC says your training program should look like.


Webinar Recording: $25

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