Bob Etheridge candidate positions

Below is an excerpt. You can download the full PDF at the bottom.

  1. I am proud to have introduced legislation that created the NC Rural Development Center. I have  served in various positions in my local council of Boy Scouts of America. I also served on the board  of what was then the Harnett County Sheltered Workshop and served for many years as a member  of the Harnett County Mental Health Board. I have been witness to many great examples of  public/private partnerships in this state that have involved multiplying the resources of government  with the ability of nonprofit organizations to deliver services to the communities that they know  best how to serve.    
  2. During my public service career it has always been my belief that government can and should play  an important role in solving the critical issues that face us as a society. It has also been my  experience that government by itself cannot and should not be the solution to all of these issues.  There is a critical role that is fulfilled by nonprofit organizations who are focused on their potential  mission, understand the needs of their core constituency, and in many cases, know best how to  deliver services or mobilize resources to fulfill their mission. As Governor, this is the approach that I  would bring to the policy and budget issues facing my administration    
  3. As my administration works to prepare my first budget as Governor, we would closely look at the  critical needs of the state and work to...