Bill Faison candidate position

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1. What has been your personal experience with nonprofits as a board member, employee, volunteer, or donor?  How do those experiences shape your policy positions and what you would like to accomplish as Governor?  (Limit: 300 words) 

I have served on a non-profit board of directors, been a volunteer with various non-profit organizations and contributed to non-profit organizations. I understand the strength a non-profit organization brings to policy discussions, program delivery and evaluation, as well as the reflective thought those individuals involved with non-profit organizations bring to society in general. As Governor and in life, I possess a leadership style that is inclusive. Inclusive in that I seek counsel and advice from many people with many views before rendering decisions. I reflectively set the goals to be achieved. I surround myself with the best people I can who represent the diversity of our State to implement those goals, and then I empower and support them to achieve the goals.  
I would like to work with the NCGA to reform tax policy to promote small business development, entrepreneurial development, recruit jobs so all working families have an opportunity for a good job. I will focus on a world class education for all kids and one that prepares them for good jobs since education is the escalator to employment.  I am the only candidate with a JOBS plan that focuses on public employees, non-profit, and private sector employees through restoration of ...