2020 Legal Update for North Carolina Nonprofits

Charitable nonprofits are required to comply with a wide array of federal and state laws and regulations. During this workshop for nonprofit staff and board members as well as attorneys, CPAs, and consultants, get answers and information on many common legal issues that affect nonprofits.

Sessions include:

  • A One-Hour Crash Course in Legal Compliance for Nonprofits (David Heinen and Ed Chaney)
  • State Tax Laws for Nonprofits (David Heinen)
  • The Practice of Good Governance (Ed Chaney)
  • Collaborative Conflict Resolution: A New Law and a New Paradigm (John Sarratt and Colleen Byers)
  • Key Legal Issues for Nonprofits During Economic Crisis (Ed Chaney)
  • Building Better Nonprofit Laws (David Heinen)
  • Employment Laws: What Every Nonprofit Should Know for 2021 (Lisa Gordon Stella)
  • (Non)-Answers to Nonprofits Frequently Asked Legal Questions (Ed Chaney, David Heinen, and Lisa Gordon Stella)

Speakers: Colleen Byers, Attorney, Bell Davis PittJohn Sarratt, Partner, Harris Sarratt & Hodges LLPLisa Gordon Stella, Attorney, The Law Office of Lisa Gordon Stella, PLLCEd Chaney, Partner, Schell BrayDavid Heinen, Vice President for Public Policy and Advocacy, North Carolina Center for Nonprofits

Key Topics: compliance, transparency, tax, tax law, governance, conflict resolution, legal issues, nonprofit laws, employment laws

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