Major State and Federal Policy Issues

Last updated January 3, 2023

Sometimes, public policy issues that don't include the words "nonprofit," "charitable," or "tax-exempt" can still have a significant impact on the work of nonprofits.

Major State Policies Affecting Nonprofits

Independent redistricting. Partisan gerrymandering is diminishes the voices of nonprofits by encouraging to state legislators and members of Congress to listen to their partisan donors rather than to their constituents and to nonprofits in their districts.

Health care policy. Rising health care costs are one of the biggest challenges for nonprofits and many of the communities and individuals they serve. Consequently, policies that would close systemic gaps in availability of quality health coverage - such as Medicaid expansion and improved options for employer-provided health insurance - are important to the nonprofit sector.


Major Federal Policies Affecting Nonprofits

Federal government shutdowns. Disruptions in federal government services can harm nonprofits and the communities they serve.

  • Support the position that federal policymakers should not use government shutdowns as a way to settle policy disputes, since government shutdowns hurt nonprofits and the communities they serve.
  • Support policies that will ensure continuity of government services in the future and the continued payment of nonprofits for the services they deliver on behalf of governments.

Health care policy.

  • Support policies that enable nonprofits to provide affordable, high quality health insurance for their employees. This may include new health care options for nonprofits and businesses or policies that would enable nonprofits to pool together to negotiate better health insurance options in a way that does not fundamentally harm the overall health care market.



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