State budget and nonprofits

Last updated: January 22, 2021


State budget. It is important for state legislators and the Governor to agree on a state budget each year to ensure that there is adequate state support for current needs in communities throughout North Carolina.

  • Prompt payment, red tape, and full payment for costs.
    • Support polices to ensure that state agencies (a) avoid delays in paying nonprofits that deliver services; and (b) inform them in advance if a payment will be late.
    • Support polices that address systemic problems with nonprofit-government contracting, including late contracting, late payments, and underpayment for indirect costs.
    • Support full and fair implementation of the OMB Uniform Guidance in state and local contracts.
  • Adequate and appropriate state support for public services provided by nonprofits.
    • Support continued state investment in the work of nonprofits through appropriations and grants.
    • Support enactment of a state budget each year to ensure adequate state support of current community needs.
    • Oppose unfunded mandates for nonprofits in the state budget.
    • Support transparency in the state budget process, including the process for determining which nonprofits receive state funds.
    • Oppose provisions in the state budget or separate legislation that limits’ nonprofits ability to receive government grants or contracts based on factors such as administrative expenses.