Tax Policy

Analysis: PSLF Student Loan Forgiveness Should Not Be Taxable in North Carolina

The NC Department of Revenue (DOR) recently announced that student loan forgiveness is taxable income for the purposes of state income taxes. This means that borrowers will need to pay state income tax on the amount of their student loans that are forgiven. Legislative leaders have indicated that theydo not anticipate that the NC General Assembly will change this law.

Suggestions for Tax Provisions to Help Nonprofits Respond to Natural Disasters

On June 5, the Center met with staff for Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) and several other members of Congress from North Carolina and then submitted suggestions for four ways that Congress can provide tax assistance to help tax-exempt nonprofits more efficiently and effectively provide relief and recovery services after natural disasters.

2018 Capitol Hill Visits

The Center recently visited Washington, DC to advocate with our members of Congress on nonprofit issues. These include:

1. Protecting nonprofit nonpartisanship.


3. Universal charitable deduction.

4. 2020 U.S.Census

5. Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program