Essential Tax Exemption

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It protects taxpayers.

  • Nonprofits provide essential services that government would have to provide otherwise. Tax exemption costs much less than the cost of government having to provide the services itself.
  • Nonprofits provide public benefits in exchange for tax exemption.
  • Organizations may choose not to locate in counties or states that do not grant tax exemption. This is a potential loss for the people and economy in those locations.

It fuels North Carolina’s economy.

  • Nonprofits provide more than 400,000 jobs in North Carolina. These 400,000 employees pay income, sales, and property taxes.
  • Nonprofits are essential to create the quality of life that attracts and keeps jobs in North Carolina. They are a vital part of thriving communities and a thriving state.
  • Three-fifths of North Carolina’s nonprofits lack the resources to fully meet demands for their services. If nonprofits had to pay taxes, North Carolina communities would lose more essential public services and jobs.

It leverages new resources for community services.

  • Nonprofits are uniquely positioned to ...