NC Pre-K Coordinator

Wilson County Partnership for Children
Wilson County Partnership for Children
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The NC Pre-K Coordinator provides administrative and programmatic support to enable the efficient and effective implementation of the NC Pre-Kindergarten Program.


1. The NC Pre-K Coordinator will be responsible for recruiting prospective children into the program, meet with parents/guardians at the time of application to determine the child’s eligibility base on instructions from the NC Pre-K Guidelines.

2. Assist parents/guardians with placement of the child/children in an NC Pre-K site.

3. Monitoring sites on a regular basis to ensure compliance with the NC Pre-K Guidelines.

4. Maintain educational files on each administrator, teacher, and assistant teacher to ensure they are meeting the educational requirements outlined in the State Guidelines.

5. Assist NC Pre-K staff in making referrals for dental screenings and specialized therapies such as (speech therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral/emotional needs, etc.).

6. Managing the state on-line reporting systems (NC PRE-KIDS and NC PRE-K COUNTY PLAN).

7. Obtaining monthly attendance reports for each classroom.

8. Attending bi-monthly NC Pre-K Advisory Committee Meetings.

9. Participating in community outreach events relating to early childhood.

10. Maintaining contact with the local school system regarding assessment /placement for children with special needs.

11. Facilitate/recruit qualified instructors to conduct trainings that address teachers’ needs.

12. Maintain inventory for classroom materials purchased with start-up.

13. Serve as the main contact for parents/guardians and other agencies that have NC Pre-K inquires.


1. Provides input into department/division objectives/long range plans; assures all goals are met in area of responsibility; provides input into annual work plans, programs, staffing requirements, equipment requirements, and related budgets, as appropriate; acknowledges and abides by all WCPC established policies and procedures;

2. Assures the technical and/or professional expertise of subordinates; assures participation in all required training programs; encourages individual career development;

3. Creates and maintains an atmosphere conducive to good employee/management relations; recognizes the rights of individual employees; addresses problems affecting employee/management relations;

4. Assures the productivity and quality of work for all areas of responsibility; identifies/recognizes/analyzes problems; selects and implements sound/timely/effective solutions; promotes participation, cooperation, and teamwork; adjusts leadership style to individual, group, and/or situation needs;

5. Responds to concerns/complaints (internal and/or external) in a professional/timely manner; communicates concerns/complaints to immediate supervisor, when appropriate; maintains composure at all times;

6. Prioritizes work, based upon project requirements, to ensure effective utilization of available resources; anticipates needs; provides accurate and timely reports in all areas of responsibility.

7. Interacts with other departments and/or providers of service; assures information that affects other employees/providers is communicated to the proper recipients.

8. Takes initiative to accomplish goals; demonstrates ability to learn the job; develops and maintains appropriate skills for the position.

9. Conducts Program Monitoring for NC Pre-K sites; completes monitoring tool; covers information and follow-up with any findings.


1. Superior organizational skills and capacity to maintain registration records, data and attendance information on workshops, and related records.

2. Knowledge of early childhood rating scales and early childhood education. Some knowledge applicable to North Carolina and national child care licensure, registration, accreditation rules and regulations; and North Carolina DCDEE regulations.

3. Excellent interpersonal skills, including capacity to remain calm and pleasant under pressure and to deal effectively with last-minute registrations and inquiries; superior communication and presentation skills.

4. Ability to calculate summary statistics and present data in usable formats.

5. Capacity to accept and follow through on assigned responsibilities with minimal guidance.

6. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with Board and/or Committee members, supervisors, peers, child care providers, community agencies, and other resources.

7. Ability to carry out functions with minimal supervision.

8. Ability to foster an environment that minimizes consequential errors.

9. Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.

10. Maintains a high level of confidentiality as it relates to the business of Wilson County Partnership for Children.

11. Possess strong interpersonal skills that allows for appropriate interaction with personnel in the state, in the community and within the agency.


1. Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Early Childhood Education, Education, or other Social Science areas.

2. Three years’ work experience required including developing and presenting workshops; prefer experience working in child care setting and training.

3. Computerized database experience.

4. Valid driver’s license.

5. Must be able to perform Essential Functions of the position


EMPLOYER’S RIGHTS:  This job description is general in nature and illustrative of the kind of duties and responsibilities required of this position.  It is not exhaustive and does not contain a detailed description of all of the duties that may be required of the incumbent occupying this position.

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Salary is based on education and experience. Benefits include medical and dental, vision, vacation and sick leave, paid holidays, funeral leave, life insurance, AD&D, and 401 K after one year of employment.

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Deadline:  Monday, October 23, 2017 by 5:00 pm

Submit a completed application, cover letter and resume to:

Wilson County Partnership for Children, P. O. Box 2661, 109 Park Avenue West, Wilson, NC 27894

For more information, contact Jessica Ray, Administrative Specialist at or call 252 206-4235 or go to our website at