Unbroken Circle Project

To partner with and come alongside leaders and organizations working with Native American youth on Rosebud Indian Reservation and Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to ensure that Native American youth on these reservations reach their highest educational goals by removing the barriers to those goals. Removing barriers involves working with families to provide the basic needs of a household for structure safety, water, electricity, heat, plumbing. To provide opportunities that expose Native American youth to opportunities and events off the reservation that encourage academic and personal pursuits. Working independently and in partnership with other organizations that focus on the hygienic needs of menstruating females to ensure that these basic needs are met with the provision of sanitary supplies, wipes and panties. Collection and distribution of gently used and new articles of clothing that are weather appropriate for the seasons. Additional needs of blankets, bedding for those individuals who are transient will be provided as available. Working closely with other nonprofit associations whose focus is to bring health, dental and vision care to impoverished populations provides youth the necessary attention for optimal performance in school i.e. reading glasses, repaired dental caries, etc.

Henderson County