Second Breath Center

It’s the most common challenge we hear: Being overloaded, overwhelmed and overstimulated. We pride ourselves on multitasking, but we curse the hamster wheel, and rightly so. It’s a threat to our quality of life, and our ability to build meaning into it. We long for a life-giving spirituality but often our tanks feel empty.

We’re here to remind you: The call — and the ability — to tap into a greater sense of peace and purpose is within you. At Second Breath Center we propose that great outer work arises from great inner work. Without inner transformation, the outer transformation is limited–if not impossible. Through Second Breath spiritual practices, we shift from mere intellectual understanding to experiencing “fullness of life” from the inside out. We believe God’s dream for a world of justice and peace is possible, and it begins as we cultivate a vibrant inward spiritual journey.

Spiritual practice offers us specific and practical tools and strategies to transform our way of thinking, feeling and behaving from one of fear and control to a consciousness of faith, hope, and love. Second Breath Center believes that this is precisely what Jesus of Nazareth taught and lived.

Second Breath offerings are rooted in the Christian wisdom tradition in order to teach you how to step off the wheel, experience “fullness of life,” and invest your life’s energy in more meaningful ways.

Guilford County