North Carolina Chapter of the National Emergency Number Association

NENA: The 911 Association improves 911 through research, standards development, training, education, outreach, and advocacy. We work every day on a single, yet vital, mission: providing an effective and accessible 911 service for North Carolina. In short, we are a membership dedicated to making 911 and emergency communications work better, and measure our success in the lives that are saved by 911 each day.

The objects of the North Carolina Chapter of NENA shall be to:

1. Lead in the development, availability, implementation and enhancement of a universal emergency telephone number common to all jurisdictions through research, planning, training, and education;
2. Represent its members before communications regulatory agencies and appropriate policy-making, and legislative bodies;
3. Enable all citizens to have immediate access to emergency public safety services so that safety of human life, protection of property, and civic welfare are benefited to the utmost degree; and,
4. Aid and assist in the timely collection and dissemination of information relating to a universal emergency telephone number.

Davidson County