LIFE for Orphans, Inc.

Our mission is to build a global lighthouse of support and assistance for the 18+ yr old orphan, who is forced to leave their orphanages without preparation, sufficient education & life skills training to live independently. It’s what I’ve been doing for 20 years in the Eastern European country of Latvia, and now, taking it to a new level.
There is a wasteland that claims these kids for suffering and marginal living at best.
*Connecting a solution of humanity to the needs of an at-risk-people group is what this is all about.
dba Shop for LIFE and A Kid’s LIFE, the purpose woven into the business is a 2-sided coin - first, to provide a platform where we can bring awareness to the dire circumstances that are forced upon these orphans and to open a dialogue that extends across cultures that will facilitate a change to this deplorable reality.
The other side to this business opportunity is opening up boutique style shops as opposed to thrift style, donation driven - carrying the best brands of children’s clothing and maternity, in addition to upscale household items where the intent is to multiply stores as we grow.

Wake County