Healing Hearts N.C.

Homelessness is more than just a lack of shelter it is also a lack of a place to call home. Here at Healing
Hearts North Carolina, we believe that there are four factors that make a house a home. The Spirit of
God, Food, Family, and Shetler. A growing number of families across the country are facing both housing
insecurity and food insecurity which are interconnected. Families who become homeless not only lose
their homes, but also food and nearly every aspect of family life, causing damage to their spiritual,
physical, and emotional health. We aim to assist the North Carolina community in healing from these
issues. As part of our efforts to break the cycle of poverty, we have launched Healing Hearts Mobile
Kitchen, a project that provides fresh food grown locally and prepares meals for those in need.
In addition to the meals we provide, we also offer spiritual reflections from the word of God. It is our hope
that individuals will feel encouraged by first feeding their spirits. Our goal at HHNC is to reflect Matthew
4:4. “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth
of God." Furthermore, we would like to assist families to prevent homelessness through the Healing
Hearts Home Project in the near future.
We need your support to educate the community on how to prepare meals that will sustain them
physically as well as how God's word can sustain them spiritually during tough times. Our mission at
Healing Hearts North Carolina is to grow and heal with all the families we touch. Here at Healing Hearts
NC there are a couple of things we want you to remember. Let us be kind to one another. Let us encourage
one another. Let us eat together. And lastly, let’s heal together!

Stanly County