Carolina Common Enterprise

Community wealth building in the Carolinas through cooperative development, education & training.

Carolina Common Enterprise works for an economy in which all people participate and prosper. We help to develop new and expanding cooperatives through cultivating economic opportunities and connecting communities and resources to each other.

Bylaws Formal Mission Statement:
The specific objectives and purposes of this corporation shall be to assist individuals and communities, particularly those in low-income and socially disadvantaged areas, in the creation, expansion, and improvement of rural and community-based enterprises, particularly those that are cooperatively or mutually owned and governed. The corporation will advance its purpose through:

• Providing business education, technical assistance, organizational consulting, training, and support to these enterprises;

• Developing and disseminating education materials, processes, and curricula to improve the effectiveness and governance of cooperative businesses and advance public understanding of the significance of cooperative enterprise; and

• Developing and organizing sources of financial capital for rural and community-based enterprises.

Durham County