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Technology: a vital, some would say essential, piece of our everyday lives. Most of us think having a cell phone or laptop is the norm. We think that because use of technology is so widespread, everyone has access to the Internet or a computer at home. Frankly, that isn't the case. Many of our students at the WELL have one or the other: a computer at home OR Internet access at home. Yes, there is free computer use at local libraries - but what if you don't have transportation and there isn't a bus line that runs from the library to your house? What if you don't have a parent who can pick you up? Or the activity bus stop closest to your house isn't really close due to budget restrictions? And, what if you can't afford to print the work you've done at the library? Then what? Of course, smart phones abound, but it's hard to do homework on a phone.

The WELL is a resource for all Wake County high school students, providing free computer and technology access in a supportive, positive youth development environment. Located directly across from Broughton High School, in the middle of the City of Raleigh, we have been a vital piece of the Wake County community for nearly 20 years. Our free tutoring services, computer lab access, and academic support are utilized by hundreds of students each school year. Our mission is to provide the student community with opportunities for achievement, enrichment and service, in preparation for personal and academic success. We do this through free and low cost programs, taking into account student needs and requests, throughout the academic school year and summer. We offer scholarships for some of our paid programs, such as SAT/ACT test prep and our summer workshops. Beyond supporting academic achievement, we develop the whole student with enrichment programs like WELL Rounded, focusing on life skills and career readiness; and monthly service learning through WELL Service Warriors. Hi-Tech Teens introduces students to the world of computer programming and computer science.

Founded in memory of and in tribute to Wade Edwards and his vision for equal access among his peers, the WELL works and strives to be the go-to resource for all high school students in Wake County. For more information, to provide a donation for student scholarships, or sign up to volunteer, visit our website, or call us 919-856-9233.

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