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PDF Ministries Inc

To fortify small rural congregations especially in ethically rich communities by partnering with them to help their congregations achieve financial stability, fuel local economies and dramatically improve quality of life.

Burlington Christian Radio Inc.

The mission of WBYJ as a non-profit, listener and sponsor supported radio ministry is to serve the local community through uplifting gospel music and sharing of Bible-based, Christ focused programming. Our goal is to be involved in the community, in music, events, and ministry, emphasizing our common biblical Christian heritage and presenting distinctive truths as found in the Scriptures to encourage and strengthen faith, allowing our listeners to experience God’s love in an authentic and personal way.

Rockwell AME Zion Church

The mission of Rockwell AME Zion Church is to seek those who are in need of a loving Christian community; to embrace them with love and care that they too; will teach others how to care, love and bring others enthusiastically into this Christian fellowship community.

Second Breath Center

It’s the most common challenge we hear: Being overloaded, overwhelmed and overstimulated. We pride ourselves on multitasking, but we curse the hamster wheel, and rightly so. It’s a threat to our quality of life, and our ability to build meaning into it. We long for a life-giving spirituality but often our tanks feel empty.

Wilson County Interfaith Services, Inc.

VISION & MISSION: Hope Station envisions a future without hunger and homelessness in which daily access to affordable quality food and shelter for everyone contributes to the well-being and success of individuals and to the creation of a strong community.

Until this vision becomes a reality, Hope Station’s MISSION will be to serve persons in Wilson County, NC, by providing emergency food for families, shelter for those who are homeless and emergency financial assistance, while working to remove barriers to accessing affordable quality food and shelter.