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AGES Initiatives, Inc.

AGES Initiatives promotes and sustains the musical and liturgical life of the Orthodox Church by providing texts, music, and education to church communities that need them, using existing and developing technologies, at home and abroad in the mission field.

First Presbyterian Church of Burlington

First Presbyterian Church is a strong, vibrant and welcoming community of faith. The doors of our church swing so wide as to welcome all, our arms are so open so as to embrace all, and our hearts are so warm that we love all. This sense of community is nurtured through a variety of ministries. In addition to the ministries described below, there are a multitude of both small groups and large gatherings, which occur throughout the week and year.

Kehillah Synagogue

We are a Jewish Synagogue.

Kehillah Synagogue is an inclusive and engaged Jewish community that inspires people’s lives and deepens Jewish involvement through Jewish celebration, worship, education, social action, and values. Kehillah is a place where members feel they can grow, matter, and belong.