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Restored Souls Foundation

The Restored Souls Foundation’s mission is to glorify God by providing restful experiences to families with vulnerable children. We want foster, adoptive, special needs and medically fragile families to be encouraged and have their hope restored after going through difficult situations. Families that play together, stay together.

Compassionate Women Ministries, Inc

Compassionate Women Ministries, Inc partners with other NonProfits, Organizations and Churches who support single women who experience homelessness, domestic violence and incarceration. Our team members bring the passion of ministry (serving others) as experienced volunteers who provide meals, workshops/webinars and other resources to help our clients with program delivery.

Kalyāṇa-Mitta Meditation Center

Mission Statement of Kalyāṇa-Mitta Meditation Center

Spiritual friend is the translation of “kalyāṇa-mitta” in the Pāli language. “Kalyāṇa” means lovely or beautiful and “mitta” means friend. The meaning of “kalyāṇa” refers to beautiful inner qualities, such as: faith, loving-kindness, compassion, virtue, generosity, and wisdom. A Spiritual Friend is one who radiates loving-kindness and thereby connects with all sentient beings.

Second Breath Center

It’s the most common challenge we hear: Being overloaded, overwhelmed and overstimulated. We pride ourselves on multitasking, but we curse the hamster wheel, and rightly so. It’s a threat to our quality of life, and our ability to build meaning into it. We long for a life-giving spirituality but often our tanks feel empty.

PDF Ministries Inc

To fortify small rural congregations especially in ethically rich communities by partnering with them to help their congregations achieve financial stability, fuel local economies and dramatically improve quality of life.