W - Public & Societal Benefit

Wheat Field Ministry, Inc.

At Wheat Field Ministry, Inc., our mission is to serve and collaborate closely with individuals and organizations in the Charlotte Mecklenburg community, working hand in hand to provide essential resources. Our aim is not only to help them survive but to empower them to thrive, especially in areas where vulnerability persists.

World HOPE Spreaders

We are are dedicated to help most vulnerable to overcome the conditions in which they are living on daily bases and experience fullness of life. We are spreading hope in communities of all backgrounds and in the whole world.

The Suda Institute

Building the capacity of people, agencies, and communities to work together more efficiently by providing consultation, technical assistance, and program management for projects focused on improving the health and wellbeing of mothers, children, and families.

Pitch Labs Inc.

To bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and the resources they need by creating a free online information library, hosting guidance based events, and running clubs in communities that allow for the creation and sustaining of businesses of all kinds.

Meals4Families, LLC

Meals4Families works to end child hunger in North Carolina and support community health, community wealth, and wealth equity. For NC families, every extra dollar is a dollar that can be spent on food, health, and education. We work to break down barriers that prevent families from accessing tax credits and benefit programs that provide food and healthcare. We work to improve opportunities for North Carolina families to build wealth.


Effective policies are critical for delivering on government officials’ promise to make prudent decisions for the common good. Scientific research yields a return on investment if it improves lives. Harnessing research and data about policy problems and solutions has the power to represent thousands of voices and provide lasting benefit to our communities.