R - Civil Rights, Social Actions & Advocacy


Our mission is To Improve Every Life through Innovative Giving in education, Community and The environment .
“Our deepest goal as an organization is helping support the health, rights, well-being, and the healing of mankind.
Shape the future of moral values, integrity,living conditions around the world .

You Can Vote

You Can Vote (YCV) works to ensure all eligible North Carolinians can vote to build long-term participation in our democracy. We register, educate, and mobilize voters through 1:1 conversations. Using community organizing, evidence-based best practices in voter engagement, low-literacy bilingual educational materials, and state of the art technology, we prepare people to vote and help them become lifelong voters.

Southeast Asian Coalition

(1) SEAC exists to amplify a voice for the quickly growing Asian American population in the Carolinas; (2) SEAC cultivates grassroots power through community engagement, social justice, and youth organizing; (3) SEAC exists to add an Asian American voice to the collective movement for justice and equity in North Carolina. We are often referred to as "The Village." SEAC exists to reinforce and uphold integrity, empowerment, inclusion, tradition, leadership, and critical consciousness at the grassroots level.

A Therapist Like Me

A Therapist Like Me is a non-profit, 501(c)3 dedicated to connecting minority-identifying clients to minority-identifying therapists, advancing therapists of color, providing financial gifts to minority-identifying clients for psychotherapy, reducing societal stigma surrounding mental health, and supporting our community.

National Farm Worker Ministry

National Farm Worker Ministry (NFWM) is a faith-based organization committed to justice for and empowerment of farm workers. NFWM educates, equips and mobilizes member organizations and other faith communities, groups and individuals to support farm worker led efforts to improve their living and working conditions.

Bike Durham

We believe that everyone should have access to safe and affordable transportation regardless of race, wealth, gender identity, ability or where they live. Biking and walking are the most healthy and sustainable ways to move. Bike Durham promotes policy, infrastructure, education, and community events to make Durham more equitable; empowering people of all ages to walk and bike more.

Working Films, Inc

Working Films use documentaries to advance solutions to climate change, dirty energy, economic inequality, and racial injustice. Our work seeds and supports grassroots organizing and coalition building. We position the right media at the right moment to make an impact.