O - Youth Development

Camp LUCK, Inc.

The mission of Camp LUCK is to encourage, comfort and empower those affected by congenital heart disease and to provide a healthy, worry-free (medically supervised) camp environment focused on nurturing the development of Lucky Unlimited Cardiac Kids.

Unbroken Circle Project

To partner with and come alongside leaders and organizations working with Native American youth on Rosebud Indian Reservation and Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to ensure that Native American youth on these reservations reach their highest educational goals by removing the barriers to those goals. Removing barriers involves working with families to provide the basic needs of a household for structure safety, water, electricity, heat, plumbing.

Osman Foundation

The Osman Foundation exists to help K-12 students reach their full potential through academic and enrichment programs.

Following is an overview of a few of our programs that support our mission.

Chatham Girls 4STEM works with 5th and 6th grade girls to stimulate an interest in continuing to pursue science, technology, engineering, arts and math studies. This program exposes girls to the opportunities to grow with hands-on exploration with actual engineers. This program inspires girls to shine in these areas and instills confidence that they can excel.