O - Youth Development

VRP Institute, Inc.

Our mission is to address community and school needs and the growing obstacles of today’s youth and young adults by developing project solutions through an instructional model based on collaboration and problem-based learning.

Community Mom Outreach Program Incorporated

The Community Mom Outreach Program, Incorporate mission is to enhance the quality of life for individuals, family, and communities alike. By providing services that are consistently available, accessible, and responsive to the needs of of those less unfortunate than ourselves that are seeking assistance for housing, education and counseling services. We will work with the community in-order to facilitate and promote solutions for the enrichment of all not just some!

Crown Cares, Inc.

Impacting a Generation!
CrownCARES, a program of Carolina Crown Inc., engages members and volunteers in outreach programs impacting children in socio-economically challenged communities. We do this by conducting our own independent outreach events and by partnering with other credible organizations, amplifying their message through our engaging and entertaining program.

Rising Ambitions of Young Society,Inc

RAYS mission is empowering the younger generation and promoting and advocating an array of topics from drug awareness, to financial independence, youth development, and women empowerment. We work towards gender equality focusing on strengthening the socio-cultural richness to cultivate leadership capacity, and empowering them to have a voice regardless of race, creed, religion, and social status.