O - Youth Development

L5 Angels

L5 Angels, helping you turn your tears and sorrow into support,strength, and courage.

We host community events, participate in speaking engagements, and operate a scholarship fund. Community events are geared towards being unity and developing the youth, while the scholarship fund is for individuals that have loss a sibling to gun violence.

HIS Daughters' Legacy, Inc.

It is the Mission of HIS Daughter's Legacy, Incorporated (HDL, INC) to inspire, empower, and educate young girls to fulfill the plan GOD has for their lives by making positive life choices that will lead to becoming young woman who are purposed and positioned to leave a legacy to the next generation of Daughters.

HDL, Inc. is a girls mentoring program dedicated to providing young girls ages 7 - 17 with the tools they need to become the young women God intended them to be.