L - Housing & Shelter

Haywood Pathways Center

To glorify God by proclaiming and showing love through a Christ centered program for the lost, lonely and least of Haywood County.

To be a faith-based, comprehensive ministry that brings life transformation in a safe, accepting and caring environment; to develop disciples of Christ through His love and mercy, shelter the homeless, feed the hungry, produce self-sustaining citizens of Haywood County, and decrease recidivism (repeat offenses) in our community.

Foot Steps, Inc.

The mission of Foot Steps, Inc. is to operate transitional housing for youth that have aged-out of the foster care environment; families experiencing homelessness and returning citizens from prison situations: facilitating programs that would include life skills training, vocational skills, financial planning/budgeting and intervention in the process of recidivism.

Welcome Home NP

To refurbish and provide affordable housing for Honorably Discharged (DD 214) Veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other seriously mentally ill men who are referred by local agencies
Veterans that are PCSing back to the US. Vets on TDY

A Lotta Love

At A Lotta Love we transform local shelters by creating dignified, safe and emotionally inspiring spaces. We raise awareness of homelessness and empower communities to transform these shelters to benefit the families temporarily living there. Together we show them that we care, and they are deserving of a brighter, more hopeful future.

Cassandra Cares, Inc.

Cassandra Cares, Inc. is an organization dedicated to ending homelessness. We believe no matter the situation, everyone deserves to have a roof over their head. No matter if an individual is a single parent trying to provide for his/her family, a recovering addict, someone recently released from prison, teenager transitioning out of the foster care system, or someone who has fallen on hard times, we want to become a place of refuge. We are committed to the belief that a home is the first step in helping those get back on their feet and start to prepare for the future