J - Employment

Empower For Hope

We are here to empower marginalized women with dignity and opportunity for a better economic and educational future for themselves and their children by giving them tools to become financially self-sufficient while healing their brokenness with supporting resources and love.


SEEDS encourages respect for life, for earth and for each other. We help individuals, neighborhoods and communities grow together through gathering, gardening and education.

The Helius Foundation

The Helius Foundation provides free coaching and mentoring for small businesses in Durham, concentrating on those run by Necessity-Driven Entrepreneurs, or NDEs. These are men and women who have created their own businesses, not out of fun or desire, but because they have to in order to make ends meet. Financial security is a struggle for most people in the United States. Even for those who have attained financial security, it can be a struggle to maintain it. Financial security is a place where our children can grow up to be healthy and strong and intelligent and unafraid.


To serve adults with developmental disabilities by providing structure and social tools they need to work and interact in the community.