J - Employment

North Carolina Employee Ownership Center

North Carolina Employee Ownership Center, Inc. (“NCEOC”) is an educational nonprofit corporation that is dedicated to protecting jobs, increasing community wealth, and creating a more vibrant, inclusive economy. We view employee ownership as a critical tool to achieve these goals. By educating the public on employee ownership, we hope to stimulate economic development in a way that broadens economic opportunity, to the benefit of traditionally disadvantaged groups.

Hope Renovations

We inspire hope in women and older adults for a joyful and fulfilling future. We accomplish this by teaching women the skills they need to work in the construction trades, and providing them on-the-job practice in the homes of older adults who need repairs and renovations in order to safely and comfortably stay in their homes as they age.

The Helius Foundation

The Helius Foundation provides free coaching and mentoring for small businesses in Durham, concentrating on those run by Necessity-Driven Entrepreneurs, or NDEs. These are men and women who have created their own businesses, not out of fun or desire, but because they have to in order to make ends meet. Financial security is a struggle for most people in the United States. Even for those who have attained financial security, it can be a struggle to maintain it. Financial security is a place where our children can grow up to be healthy and strong and intelligent and unafraid.