I - Crime & Legal Related

Carolina Migrant Network

The Carolina Migrant Network (CMN) was founded in 2019 to combat the systemic targeting of undocumented immigrants in North Carolina. To this day we remain the only organization providing full, pro-bono legal representation to both detained and non-detained immigrants in North or South Carolina and have extended our reach throughout the south by representing clients detained in Georgia, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

KARE, Inc.

KARE’s mission is to provide an evidence-based, community-coordinated response to child abuse, neglect and exploitation in Haywood County through outreach, advocacy, and specialized interventions.

Pretrial Resource Center

Pretrial Resource Center is a non-profit criminal justice agency that provides community-based programs/services for Onslow County and the judicial system. We manage four programs which foster public safety by identifying offenders who may be eligible for services, providing judges with background and criminal information, as well as risk assessment information so appropriate decisions can be made as to releasing inmates from the local jail into the community.

Kiran, Inc.

Kiran's mission is to end the cycle of abuse and to serve and empower South Asian victims of domestic violence in North Carolina by providing culturally specific services and comprehensive economic, social and community resources

A Safe Place

The Centre of Redemption (DBA A Safe Place) is an empowerment organization focusing on prevention, advocacy, and restoration to assist victims of sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.