F - Mental Health & Crisis Intervention

Art Therapy Institute of NC

To advance the well-being and mental health of diverse North Carolinians through accessible, strengths-based, culturally responsive art therapy; to further support our communities through local events and professional development opportunities; to contribute to and uphold research, theory, and practice of the creative arts therapies.

Counter Tools

Counter Tools knows that place has a profound impact on the health of individuals. The spaces where we live, work, learn, and play — our homes, schools, neighborhoods, and nearby stores — determine our access to healthful living.

The Counter Tools vision is a nation where healthy living is equitable across communities, a nation where every person has access to healthful choices. In undertaking this important work, we convene thought-leaders and experts, conduct research, synthesize evidence, and tell impactful stories.

Caring Services, Inc.

The mission of Caring Services is to offer a holistic continuum of care to individuals who re ready to make a commitment to their recovery from mood-altering substances. The program offers the much-needed bridge between the devastation of addiction and successful return to family and society as a clean, sober, and productive community member. Caring Services is a long term residential treatment community offering substance abuse intensive outpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, case management, counseling, and other opportunities for personal growth, recovery, and wellness.