F - Mental Health & Crisis Intervention

First Haven

First Haven provides psychological self-help information to those who have experienced sexual abuse. We produce and distribute our flagship guide, Tending the Wound Sexual Abuse: An Introduction, to agencies, institutions, and organizations directly serving those most in need.

Addiction Professionals of North Carolina, Inc.

Addiction Professionals of North Carolina is a membership organization that promotes the professional development for professionals in our state that work in the field of substance use disorder, prevention, treatment and recovery. We do this by providing professional networking opportunities, offering free and reduced prices on regional training workshops, conference displays and registrations. We also provide newsletters to our members that allow professionals to stay updated on current policies as well as provide various other benefits to our individual and organizational members.

MeNU Together

MeNU Together’s mission is to assist those in recovery in participating in gainful and meaningful community activity, by connecting these individuals to opportunities, resources, training, and support for employment or volunteer work, utilizing peer support specialists to help those who are interested in involvement to overcome the obstacles they may face to participate in such activity.