F - Mental Health & Crisis Intervention

Aurora PPG, Inc.

Our mission is to increase the participation of women and girls in the sport of powered paragliding through experiences, education, training, and community with a focus on its use in overcoming past trauma.


Dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with mental illness and their families through support, education, and advocacy.

Advocate at the county, state and national levels for non-discriminatory access to quality healthcare, housing , education and employment for people with mental illness.
Educate the public about mental illness.
Work to eliminate the stigma of mental illness.
Advocate for increased funding for research into the causes and treatment of mental illness.

Crossings Addiction Recovery, Inc.

Crossings Addiction Recovery, Inc. provide addiction recovery therapy in a residential group setting. Crossings understands how family, friendships, and career can suffer from the disruption of addiction. Crossings helps addicts reclaim their life, relationships, respect and the reasons for waking up each day with renewed life purpose. Recovery is a journey, so is Crossings.

First Haven

First Haven provides psychological self-help information to those who have experienced sexual abuse. We produce and distribute our flagship guide, Tending the Wound Sexual Abuse: An Introduction, to agencies, institutions, and organizations directly serving those most in need.

Capstone Recovery Center Inc.

Capstone Recovery Center Inc. provides a safe, Godly environment where women whose lives have been affected by prescription/illicit drug abuse and/or other life-controlling issues, are educated and encouraged to lead fully functional lives as productive citizens in the community. The Center offers a residential program, and a non-residential program, for the purpose of healing the whole person. Residential clients are provided housing and meals.

Marius Maximus Foundation for Mental Health

To provide mental health care to low-income families who can not afford health care, to ensure their family members ages 12-25, and veterans of all ages receive the needed help that they deserve. We will provide mental health counseling through pro-bono counselors, medication assistance, and transportation to and from appointments if needed. We will also continue to raise awareness for suicide prevention, by providing seminars, webinars, and presentations to local schools, churches, and other organizations that could benefit from these services.