E - Health Care

Comfort Paws

The further development of canine therapy support. Sponsoring individual training for future therapy dogs and their handlers and the development of the program to serve the community by sending out dogs to assisted living, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, charitable events and anywhere else they are needed.


VacCorps is a nonprofit organization that mobilizes volunteer vaccination support staff to help control the COVID-19 pandemic in NC. We connect non-traditional vaccinators, health science and laboratory personnel, and other volunteer support staff to vaccination providers and centers. By mobilizing volunteers as support staff, vaccination providers can increase capacity without further taxing the healthcare providers who are caring for COVID-19 patients. Critically, our platform connects volunteers across NC counties to help underserved communities gain access to vaccination support staff.

Advocacy House Services Inc.

Advocacy House Services, Inc is an advocacy and capacity-building organization that promotes the well-being, health, and dignity of marginalized community members using a social and racial justice lens so that they can live safely, authentically, and free from discrimination regardless of their lifestyle choices, gender identity or expression. Using a collective voice anchored in science and informed by community leadership our efforts and programs advance harm reduction techniques and practices that impact our communities through education, training, and advocacy.