E - Health Care

Nash UNC Health Care Foundation

The Nash UNC Health Care Foundation serves as the fundraising arm of Nash UNC Health Care to strengthen hospital services and improve the health of the community.

We fund initiatives that will expand services or programs to increase patient access and improve patient outcomes. Focus is also placed on addressing social barriers to health and improving the health of our patients beyond hospitalization.

Eleanor Health Foundation

Mission: To expand equitable access of addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery services by:
• Providing patient aid scholarships for treatment services to those without insurance or means to pay.
• Providing support for social determinants of health for services not typically covered by other sources.
• Educating the public through awareness activities including events, materials, and advocating for expanded access to care.

Thriving in Place

The purpose of this organization is to provide guidance and support to senior citizens and others who choose to stay at home as they face the complex array of health, personal, social, and home services that will become increasingly necessary as they age.