C - Environment

Pinehurst Garden Club

The Pinehurst Garden Club is organized for the purpose of encouraging home and community horticultural improvements. In addition the Pinehurst Garden Club supports civic causes including the funding of an annual scholarship for a deserving Sandhills Community College horticultural student.

The Great Raleigh Cleanup

Our mission is to revitalize and enhance the beauty of existing local communities and greenways within the city of Raleigh by leveraging the dedicated time of individuals passionate about preserving and protecting the environment. We aim to rejuvenate neighborhoods so that its residents can feel both comfort and pride for the community in which they live.

Market Forces

Our vision is a future where institutions invest with a high degree of respect for the environment, utilizing our money to deliver solutions to major environmental issues, and where the community holds to account the custodians of their money to ensure it is used to benefit the environment.