C - Environment

North Carolina Clean Energy Fund

Our mission is to accelerate investment in clean and efficient energy solutions and increase climate resilience in North Carolina, particularly to the benefit of underserved populations. We partner with public and private investors, foundations and other non-profit organizations to deploy sustainable financing solutions that will create long-lasting environmental, economic and social benefits.

Southwestern NC Resource Conservation & Development

Southwestern Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) Program promotes the protection and conservation of land and water resources. Established by Congress in the 1960s under the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), RC&D Programs encourage volunteer, locally elected and civic leaders to plan and carry out projects that protect environmental resources and improve social and economic conditions in rural areas.

Sustainable Furnishings Council, Inc.

The Sustainable Furnishings Council, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) whose mission is to help the home furnishings industry reduce its negative impact on the planet and decrease the use of harmful and wasteful components in the manufacturing process by providing sustainability education, best practices, and industry accountability to manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, and designers.

North Carolina High Peaks Trail Association Inc

Our purpose is to advance the public’s awareness, education, understanding and appreciation of nature, wildlife and the natural environment by engaging in outdoor recreational activities including walking, hiking, bicycling and water sports in the North and South Toe River basins, Ivy Creek and the North Carolina portion of the Nolichucky River in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Pinehurst Garden Club

The Pinehurst Garden Club is organized for the purpose of encouraging home and community horticultural improvements. In addition the Pinehurst Garden Club supports civic causes including the funding of an annual scholarship for a deserving Sandhills Community College horticultural student.

Good Stewards of Rockingham

"Good Stewards protect and restore our environment through actions that build informed and resilient communities. The best way to sustainably protect what we love is by creating a culture that appreciates and respects all we have on Earth, including each other. ​ We recognize that environmental work cannot be completed with tunnel vision. There are many important interconnections involved, such as environmental justice and systemic racism, and we cannot ignore their significance or the parts they must play in this work. ​