B - Educational

International Network of Algerian Scientists

Vision: Advance higher education in Algeria to align with world-class learning institutions that will develop a highly skilled workforce to support a competitive economy and uplift the standards of living in the country.

Mission: Network Algerian scientists worldwide with their counterparts in Algeria through universities and other institutions to use modern educational tools to broaden, enhance and advance the academic standards in Algeria.

Friends of The Robert and Pearl Seymour Center, Inc

Friends is an association of persons interested in promoting the well-being of all older adults in Orange County by supporting the development and full use of the Robert and Pearl Seymour Center, currently located at 2551 Homestead Rd. Chapel Hill, NC 27516. Said organization exists for charitable and educational purposes to receive and provide financial support derived from memberships, gifts, endowments, bequests, grants, memorials, and fundraising projects for the facility, programs and other related activities which the Center offers.

Richmond County Partnership for Children

To create a higher quality of life for children 0-5 in our county. Our emphasis is to strive to ensure that every child in Richmond County enters school healthy and ready to succeed in becoming an avid learner and ultimately a productive citizen who contributes to the future well-being of the community. Through collaborative efforts within our county, we will strive to ensure that all pre-Kindergarten children will have affordable, and access to high quality child care, will be healthy, and their families will have knowledge of and linked to community support services.

North Carolina Foundation for Public School Children

The North Carolina Foundation for Public School Children is the education lifeline and safety net that offers hope, dignity, and opportunity to our state's most underserved public school students by providing for needs that local, state, and federal governments do not. Working directly through public school personnel, our mission is carried out through the Children's Fund, the Disaster Relief Fund, and the NC Teacher Cadet Program.