B - Educational

Operation Xcel

Recognizing the need to prepare children differently for success in the 21st century, Operation Xcel provides future-focused after-school, summer, and mentorship programs. We promote academic development and character growth through individual and target-based objectives, with a focus on individual development and achievement.

The Unity School, LLC

Through the loving and intentional education of the child, as inspired by the principles and pillars of Waldorf education, our mission is to raise a community of children to become determined in their lifelong quest for knowledge, confident in the face of uncertainty, kind in the face of unkindness, creative in their explorations for truth, open to the truth of others, and able to find strength and peace within in the midst of chaos and discord.

My Kid's Club

The mission of My Kid’s Club is to encourage and empower youth to grow in character and understanding through studies and opportunities for academic success, civic engagement, and habits that underscore healthy living to achieve their potential as responsible and caring citizens.