B - Educational

BirthRight Inc

The mission of BirthRight is to help black birthing persons and communities create and sustain new opportunities for Black persons to survive and have healthy pregnancies by way of health education and empowerment.

Earth Consciousness Institute

Earth Consciousness Institute is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission to raise awareness of humanities interconnection with the Earth and all life. It provides educational events, including seminars and interactive concerts to gather individuals and multi-cultural organizations to unite in a common goal and advance collaboration and action for protection of the ocean, marine life, rainforest and Earth's ecosystem.

Caregiver Mental Wellness Inc

Our primary mission is to bring awareness and offer educational solutions that support the mental well-being of informal caregivers, addressing their anxiety, stress, depression, and burnout through outreach initiatives and comprehensive educational programs in communities and workplaces including our most vulnerable communities and businesses. We are dedicated to fostering cultural changes that promote understanding, compassion, and the creation of caregiver-friendly work environments.

The B.H. Rowland Foundation

The B. H. Rowland Foundation (BHRF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to recognizing and supporting the work of high-quality early childhood educators in North Carolina. The foundation will privately raise funds to support the instructional, environmental, and professional development and growth needs of the educators we serve through a variety of grants, awards, and scholarships.