B - Educational

Generational Wealth Educators

GWE helps families create legacies for generations to come. GWE will help low-income communities give future generations a head start on life with the mission to promote financial and mental wellness, investing, and homeownership. We will rebuild our communities to give everyone a higher quality of life.

In-Kanintshin USA, Inc

With families and communities, we create infrastructures and programs that combat extreme poverty with the tool of education. Being able to read and write unleashes a stream of opportunities for each child, youth and alliterate adult to design their future.

Next Level Leadership

Next Level Leadership, Inc. an African American Leadership and Professional Development Program. The program provides an engaging and immersive civic learning experience that provides the opportunity for participants to refine their personal and professional skills. Participants work together to discover their sense of purpose while delving into critical community issues and exploring lessons in leadership from subject matter experts and industry/community leaders that will take them to the next level of leadership.