B - Educational

Moore Square Arts Boosters Foundation

The purpose of the Moore Square Arts Boosters Foundation is to advocate for and
promote the arts curriculum and activities involving Moore Square Magnet Middle School and
its students through publicizing its benefits and activities, providing financial and logistical
support, and through any other means directed by the Board of Directors and the Membership.

Promising Pages

The mission of Promising Pages is to provide ownership of books to underserved children and cultivate a lifelong love of reading through innovative literacy programs and partnerships.

Digital Page

Our mission is to develop future generations of design focused women technologists, innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs by providing early
exposure to technology and real-life, hands on design focused, digital technology enabled entrepreneurship experience.

Patriot Foundation

Our mission is to provide support for the families of Airborne, Air Assault and Special Operations soldiers,
and other select warriors killed, wounded, injured, or who have become seriously ill in the Global War on Terrorism.