B - Educational

Empowered Minds: An Acton Academy

Empowered Minds: An Acton Academy is a non-conventional independent school that provides a culturally responsive and affirming environment for Black learners to be imaginative and resilient, a place where they take ownership of their education and workspaces while being prepared to bring their unique genius into the world. We offer an Authentic Montessori Environment for ages 3-6, and a Learner-Driven Community for ages 7-10.

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome Foundation

Facial paralysis is a devastating condition that impairs facial movements and is associated with significant physical and psychosocial morbidities. Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (RHS) is the second most common cause of facial paralysis, yet diagnosis is frequently missed or delayed increasing the risk of long-term complications. The RHS Foundation promotes patient and physician education to help prevent misdiagnosis and ensure proper treatment. Further, the foundation provides an evidenced-based support network for patients and their families.

Forest History Society Inc

Our mission is to preserve and help people use the documents of forest history. The Forest History Society identifies, collects, interprets, and disseminates historical information on the relationship of humans and forests, contributing to informed natural resource decision making.