B - Educational

Appalachian Institute for Creative Learning

In 2001, the camp formally reorganized itself as a non-profit organization under the name “The Appalachian Institute for Creative Learning.” As well as being able to pursue grant and scholarship money with the non-profit status, the new name reflected a different emphasis. There are many programs now that serve gifted children. But AICL is not merely a pre-college academic booster shot. Instead, what AICL does is to create an environment in which it’s safe to laugh and learn, to risk and fail, to experiment with something outside of one’s competence.

Person County Education Foundation

The Person County Education Foundation is dedicated to serving students in grades K-12 in traditional and charter public schools of Person County, North Carolina. PCEF is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) and has been granted public charity status. Although originally established in 1988, PCEF faced a need to reorganize in 2012.

Renaissance West Community Initiative

Renaissance West Community Initiative is a non-profit organization coordinating the education and services continuum of the former Boulevard Homes public housing site into a vibrant, village called Renaissance. The initiative uses a holistic community redevelopment approach, focusing on multiple critical factors, including mixed-income housing, educational opportunities, youth and adult development programs, health and wellness services and commercial investment.

Willow Tree Community School

Willow Tree Community School opened in 2011 in an effort to provide a Christ-centered, balanced, liberal arts education to the children of Cleveland County. We are founded on the philosophy of British educator Charlotte Mason, whose model reflects the idea that children are individuals-persons who respond in unique ways to living ideas. Willow Tree is a 501(c)3 non profit organization serving children from elementary school through high school.

Girls Talk Math

The goal of Girls Talk Math is to encourage students who identify as female to consider careers in Mathematics. This is accomplished through a two week summer day-camp in which girls work in groups to solve difficult problem sets and learn the achievements of women in mathematics. The program is based in a framework of understanding the barriers preventing young women from entering careers in mathematics. These include a lack of confidence in their abilities, failure to see themselves represented among mathematicians, and less encouragement from peers and teachers.

Schools Need Support

Schools Need Support believes each child is a super hero and just needs a supporting team to help them succeed. Every child deserves to have all the resources in the educational system. We are here to help schools fill the gaps in funding and inspiration to succeed.