B - Educational

Southeastern Theatre Conference, Inc.

MISSION: Connecting You to Opportunities in Theatre Nationwide
VISION: SETC is the strongest and broadest network of theatre practitioners in the United States. We provide extensive resources and year-round opportunities for our constituents. Our services, publications, and products contribute significantly to the careers of emerging artists, seasoned professionals and academicians. SETC energizes the practical, intellectual and creative profile of theatre in America.

Nurse Nurturer

As a result of the training and coaching by the Nurse Nurturer, health care providers are able to deliver comprehensive care to their community of patients. Health care providers are equipped to be physically and spiritually fit, financially stable, and lead with integrity and confidence. As a result they inspire the next generation of care providers, creating a safe environment for their patients and financial stability for the organization.

The EDEx Collaboratory

Mission and Vision

The EDEx Collaboratory connects educators to powerful learning experiences through an active network that embraces growth, teacher-led change, and the open sharing of ideas and resources.

Energize teacher-leaders to collectively redefine what it means to be an educator and learner because all students deserve opportunities to improve our world and become the prepared solutions-seeking workforce of the future.

STEM Studio 3, Inc.

Closing the Digital Divide, by providing and preparing “eager-to-learn” urban youth with a friendly learning environment replete with future-forward technology, experienced instructors, and a rigorous project-based curriculum, designed to mirror the collaborative spirit and real-world production processes of the Game and Robotics industries.