President & Chief Executive Officer


Artspace is one of the largest open studio environments in the country and the premier organization of its kind in North Carolina. Located in downtown Raleigh, Artspace’s 30,000 square foot facility is home to over 30 rotating resident artists working in a variety of media, along with three exhibition spaces, education space, learning lab, and administrative offices.

Since 1986, Artspace has supported the careers and development of artists of all levels by providing them: time and space to work; the opportunity to engage and collaborate with other artists locally and beyond; exposure to the community through exhibiting their work; and professional development opportunities.

Artspace serves the public by: introducing them to diverse artistic styles from artists both inside and outside of the North Carolina Triangle area; providing a unique environment where they can interact with working artists and experience firsthand the creative process; and allowing children and adults to learn to express their own creativity in classes and workshops.


Artspace seeks a bold, visionary and entrepreneurial leader who will propel the organization into its next phase of growth.

The CEO will continue to shape Artspace’s institutional identity, and seek to expand the institution’s definition of “Art.” She/He/They should bring to Artspace:

• a thoughtful knowledge of, or genuine curiosity for, how artists are creating work today and how distinctions among artistic disciplines are blurring;

• a passion for uncovering varied sources of new creative vitality in the North Carolina Triangle region, nationally, and beyond;

• and a desire to help Artspace push the envelope in supporting today’s artists in exciting new ways.

Reporting to Artspace’s Board, the CEO will capitalize on Artspace’s uniqueness as an organization with both strong artistic and educational initiatives, seeking opportunities to innovate in both areas, while carefully balancing the two. Leading a dedicated staff of approximately eight and an annual operating budget of just under $1 million, the CEO will provide the strategic direction, fundraising leadership, and management expertise needed to grow Artspace and deepen its impact.

As lead ambassador, the CEO will represent Artspace throughout the community – giving voice to the organization’s purpose, encouraging partnerships and collaborations that advance the organization’s mission, and ensuring Artspace is seen as an important resource for all.

It is important that within the first year, the Chief Executive Officer:

• Work to thoroughly understand Artspace – its mission and values, history, culture, programs, operations, partners, stakeholders and potential;

• Gain the confidence of the Board and staff, forging relationships of trust and cooperation that continue to bring forth their best efforts and talents;

• Proactively engage key community partners – artists, donors, and other stakeholders – cultivating new institutional relationships and encouraging ongoing support;

• Assess Artspace’s structure – ensuring that staff are well-positioned, operations are efficient, and programs are mission-aligned;

• Assume ownership of Artspace’s current institutional exploration on what diversity equity and inclusion mean both for the institution’s internal culture, and as a lens for its external work.


It is further expected that the Chief Executive Officer will:

Vision, Strategic Planning, & Programming

• Advance the continued evolution of Artspace as an impactful, artist-centered organization with a clear mission and vision;

• Refine and manage a strategic plan that is responsive, practical, and appropriately visionary for a leading arts organization;

• Guide the strategic growth of the organization to support an inclusive, accessible, and equitable presence in the community;

• Lead and provide direction to staff, board, and volunteer efforts to develop a cohesive, impactful, and inclusive array of programs that support Artspace’s targeted communities. This includes exhibitions, studio arts and residencies, and arts education;

• Prioritize the effective engagement of Artspace’s resident artists in the ongoing planning and growth of the organization;

• Ensure ongoing institutional and programmatic evaluation and assessment;

Organizational Development and Operational Management

• Manage Artspace’s overall infrastructure to optimal efficiency, including: all human resources, operations, facility management, resource allocation, financial systems, information technology systems, processes and procedures;

• Lead, manage, and mentor staff to ensure the best investment of human resources in support of the organization’s vision and mission; refine structure, responsibilities, goal setting, evaluation, and interventions as needed;

• Oversee all financial systems, including annual budgetary processes, audits, cash flow management and financial analysis; ensure that sound financial structures are in place and that reporting systems comply with federal, state, and local requirements,

• Ensure efficient internal communications throughout the entire organization;


• Assess Artspace’s current business and financial models;

• Develop and lead the organizational fundraising strategy to ensure inclusive practices, diverse sources of income and sustainable support – including individual, corporate and foundation relations, grant writing, and fundraising events;

Public Relations and Marketing

• Ensure the organization’s vision is clearly communicated to its diverse communities;

• Serve as the organization’s primary public representative with the media, elected officials, community leaders, and key constituents;

Board Relations and Governance

• Build and nurture good relationships with all Board members marked by open communication and responsiveness;

• Help to identify and cultivate new trustees whose talents, interests and commitment will further Artspace’s mission and expand support;

• Attend Board meetings; work closely with the Executive Committee in strategic planning, policy development, articulation and implementation of organizational goals.


The ideal candidate should have:

• A minimum of 7-10 years of senior-level leadership experience with an institution known for quality and excellence;

• A record of success managing people, operations and fiscal affairs of a private, nonprofit or government entity, ideally with a budget of >$1MM annually and a staff >10;

• An anchoring in the arts, arts education or humanities, or experience with a cultural institution known for exciting programs and attracting broad audiences is a significant plus;

• Proven fundraising ability and/or enthusiasm; ability to raise money in various economic climates;

• The presence and credibility to serve as an effective spokesperson and ambassador for Artspace, with outstanding verbal and written communication skills;

• Demonstrated experience leading and managing an active Board of Directors;

• An intuitive command of, and respect for, the role of community in the success of an institution.


The successful candidate should be:

• Passionate about the arts and artists; personally committed to Artspace’s mission, values, and goals;

• An inspiring and dynamic leader; able to not only articulate a vision, but to unify others around it;

• Accessible and gracious, a relentless relationship builder who is able to connect with a broad spectrum of people in meaningful ways;

• Entrepreneurial and strategic, able to both anticipate, conceptualize and act on events which might create opportunities for Artspace;

• A unifying team builder; able to maintain an environment where mutual respect, collegiality and diversity are valued;

• Decisive and confident; a risk taker who is open to experimentation;

• Deeply collaborative; able to find new ways to work with external partners;

• An ethical individual who imparts trust, integrity, sensitivity, tolerance and is able motivate others in a similar vein.

Organization Name: 
Career Level: 
Senior Management
Salary range: 
$100,000+; Open to negotiation
Job Type: 
Full Time
Triangle Area NC
Wake County
Organization Type: 
How to Apply: 

To apply for this position, please forward a resume, as well as a substantive cover letter outlining your interests and qualifications via e-mail to:

Sandi Haynes
Executive Search Consultant