Executive Director


The Executive Director (ED) is employed by the Board of Directors to carry out the day-to-day operations of the Salisbury Symphony in an efficient and effective manner.

The ED Works in Collaboration with the Music Director (MD) and in consultation with the Board to fulfill the Mission and goals of the Symphony.

The ED works in collaboration with the MD and the Board to plan the programming for each concert season.

This position reports to the Board through the elected Chair.

Duties may be delegated, the ED remains responsible for satisfactory performance.

The ED shall live in the community.


1. Keeps accurate financial records

2. Drives fund-raising efforts, which includes securing grants and assisting Board and Guild in their fund-raising efforts.

3. Managing season ticket sales, concert ticket sales, and sponsorships, including keeping audience attendance records.

4. Accurately Maintaining patron/mailing list.

5. Handling financial accounts, including billing, advertising, banking transactions, and requesting checks from Accountant.

6. Developing and submitting a season budget to the board in collaboration with the MD and Finance Committee by Jan 15th of each year.

7. Overseeing/managing sale of program ads in collaboration with the staff and Board.

8. Assisting Accountant with preparation of tax forms, W-2s & 1099s. Provides Accountant with pertinent personnel information.

9. Purchases office supplies as needed.

10. Ensuring that the Salisbury-Symphony is in strict compliance with 501c-3 standards and regulations relating to non-profit organizations.

11. Review ALL contracts issued by the Salisbury-Symphony prior to execution to ensure the following:

a. Compliance with Board directives.
b. Compliance with allocated funding and budgeting.
c. Identification of potential legal or tax issues.

12. Working with printing company to design program ads.

13. Working with Board President to provide handbooks and training/orientation for new Board members.

14. Keeping Board Committees aware of pending deadlines, including grant applications.

15. Providing notice to Board Members/Staff of upcoming Board Meetings. Mails/emails agenda, minutes of previous meeting.

16. Coordinating the Symphony calendar with other local organizations in the community.

17. Working with MD to schedule and coordinate contracts and performances NC Symphony Educational Concert and with other groups or organizations contracted by the Symphony.

18. Overseeing annual membership drive in collaboration with the Board fundraising initiative.

19. Maintaining Symphony databases (membership; contributions; mailing lists).

20. Working with MD to maintain accurate lists of musicians. Executing payments to musicians.

21. Attending committee meetings as necessary.

22. Overseeing the work of the Director of Education, Production Manager, Administrative Staff, and interns.

23. Attending all Board meetings and representing the staff.

24. Maintaining Symphony archives.

25. Performing other duties and tasks as directed by the Board.

26. Developing positive relationships with the community and with the musicians.

27. Answers all phone, mail, and email messages in a timely and professional manner.

28. Mailing “thank you” letters and tax-deduction letters to contributors/donors in a timely manner. Works with Finance Committee/Accountant to ensure that tax documents comply with needs of IRAs, foundations and charities.

29. Working in collaboration with MD and Board to develop and produce the annual season brochure.

30. Producing periodic newsletters for the membership.

31. Helping design fliers, posters, newspaper ads, and other pertinent marketing tools.

32. Creating and coordinates appropriate social media, including website, Facebook. Twitter, etc.

33. Collaborating with MD to promote MD and other individual musicians in the community.

34. Securing photographer; selects and purchases photos/videos as needed for publicity and archives.

35. Serving as liaison with other Arts groups, including: The League of American Orchestras (LAO); ARTS North Carolina, NC Center for Non-Profits, NC Arts Council, Chamber of Commerce, and Rowan Arts Council.

36. Serving as a resource to the community in securing musicians for social and church related activities, such as weddings or receptions.

37. Overseeing the Director of Education and Education Committee to provide informational programs to schools and other community groups.


38. Collaborates with MD to:
a. Schedule rehearsals and concerts.
b. Execute contracts with musicians.
c. Oversee the Production Manager.
d. Submit to printer accurate information for the concert program.
e. Work with MD to calculate payments to musicians. Request and distribute checks to musicians.
f. Submit concert programs to BMI and ASCAP for payment of royalties.
g. Arrange for tuning of Pianos.
h. Coordinate, recruit, train and oversee volunteers as needed for box, office, receptions, ushers, etc.
i. Secure recording technicians for each concert.

Organization Name: 
Salisbury Symhony
Career Level: 
Salary range: 
Job Type: 
Full Time
Central-Eastern NC
Charlotte Area NC
Rowan County
Organization Type: 
How to Apply: 

All interested applicants may send a cover letter and resume to apply@salisburysymphony.org . Resumes will be accepted through July 22nd, 2018. For a full job description please visit salisburysymphony.org.

Salary and Benefits: 

Stipend to help pay for medical benefits