Executive Director

North Carolina Physical Therapy Association


TITLE:   Executive Director
FTE:       0.75 - 1.0 (depending on preferences of successful candidate) 
SALARY:  Commensurate with experience

As a member-driven and volunteer-led organization, NCPTA, a chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), employs an executive director who is responsible for assisting the Board of Directors in the development of the Association's strategic plan and administration of the plan.  The executive director will give direction and support to the activities of committees, workgroups, and members in achieving the plan's goals and objectives.

The executive director shall manage and direct functions and activities of the Association as specified by the Board of Directors and serve as a representative of NCPTA.  The executive director reports to the Executive Committee and works in partnership with the Board of Directors.


"     Bachelor's degree required.  Master's degree preferred. 
"     Association management or other management experience, preferably nonprofit experience
"     Certified Association Executive (CAE) preferred
"     Experience working in healthcare or with healthcare organizations or associations
" Demonstrates legislative advocacy experience
" Experience with advocating for the needs of patients and practitioners with third-party payers desired
" Demonstrates budget management and strategic planning experience
" Demonstrates effective presentation skills, critical thinking, and excellent verbal and written communication skills
" Demonstrates strong interpersonal skills and organizational skills
" Ability to work with leaders who are volunteers


1.  Member, Association and Community Responsiveness

A. Act as a resource to the Board of Directors to facilitate communication of the workgroups and committees.
B. Communicate the status of the strategic plan and ongoing chapter status to the Board of Directors, committee chairs, and membership, and oversees all programs, services, and activities to ensure that Association goals and objectives are met.
C. Respond, directly or by referral, to members and to the public who approach the Association with questions or concerns.
D. Promote physical therapists and the physical therapy profession when interacting with other groups and professional associations, as well as the public and media.
E. Facilitate and encourage communication between members, Committees, Districts, Special Interest Groups, NCPTA Board of Directors, employees, and APTA.  Facilitates and attend board/district/committee meetings as directed by the Board of Directors.
F. Promote positive member, consumer, and other customer relations.
G. Work collaboratively with the Board of Directors in planning, development, and execution of membership recruitment, retention, and marketing plans.
H. Oversee the maintenance of the membership records and database of the Association.
I. Assist board members, Special Interest Groups, district leaders, committees, and NCPTA volunteers regarding communications, publications, and multimedia plans for members and external stakeholders.
J. Demonstrate familiarity with web-based communication platforms (i.e. website, social media)
K. Coordinate communication efforts of the Association in conjunction with appropriate elected and appointed leaders.

2. Office Administration 

A. Administer and direct the day-to-day operations of Association business to ensure that the Association's goals and objectives are met as set by the Board of Directors and membership, in conjunction with the Chapter President.
B. Execute decisions of the Board of Directors as directed.
C. Maintain the bylaws and minutes of the Board of Directors and Association business meetings with the help of the Secretary, to include collecting and preparing reports, drafting of minutes, and distributing final copies to the Board of Directors and APTA.
D. Facilitate documentation of the chapter history.
E. Exclusive responsibility for staffing and personnel management of the NCPTA employees.
F. Perform staff evaluations annually, and review and document progress.
G. Assist in developing, revising, and maintaining policy and procedures for office operations, Board of Directors, committee chairs, district chairs, and Special Interest Groups in accordance with accepted financial, legal and association management standards to facilitate day-to-day operations for the Chapter.
H. Demonstrate conformance to APTA and NCPTA Policies and Procedures and monitor staff for adherence.
I. Attend all Board of Directors and Chapter business meetings as indicated.
J. Proficiency in Microsoft Windows Professional software programs (such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, web/ publishing software) and working in a network environment.
K. Familiarity with general accounting practices and QuickBooks accounting software.
L. Maintain the properties and resources of the Association, including the Association's building, office spaces, mailing address, telephone numbers, and office equipment including an automated phone system and computer network system. This includes telephone coverage and development of correspondence and reports.

3. Financial

A. Manage staff to maintain ledgers, journals, monthly/yearly financial statements, budgets, and other records for the Association.
B. Manage and review the Association's bank accounts in consultation with the Treasurer
C. Arrange for the preparation of applicable state and federal income tax forms, and pay applicable taxes.
D. Assist Board of Directors in developing sources of non-dues revenue.
E. Assist Treasurer/Finance Committee in the development of an annual budget for NCPTA and audits in accordance with APTA and NCPTA policies and procedures and generally accepted accounting practices.  Serves as financial liaison to APTA.
F. Prepare and file Lobbyist Reports.
G. Compile and integrate the finances of NCPTA committees, districts, and Special Interest Groups, and provide line items for tracking of dedicated funds.
H. Monitor statistics and finances to identify trends and maintain the fiscal health of the Chapter.
I. Identify capital equipment needs and assess equipment possibilities to meet the needs of the office and Association.
J. Maintain office inventory.

4. Payer Relations

A. In support of and consultation with the elected Director at Large for Payer Relations, identify, establish, develop and maintain relationships with key payers of physical therapy in North Carolina (including manage care organizations, HMOs, PPOs, indemnity insurance companies, and state agencies).
B. Collect and analyze data to identify the Payer Relations needs of NCPTA.
C. Represent the Association in advocacy efforts directed at third party payers.
D. Work closely with the Payer Relations Committee developing priorities, budgets, standard operating procedures and goals.
E. Respond to NCPTA member questions in a timely manner regarding Payer Relations for physical therapy
F. Collect and disseminate information from Payer Relations sources to the membership of the NCPTA.  Sources should include but are not limited to APTA, Medicare, Medicaid, private payers, Worker's Compensation (NCIC) and managed care organizations.  The information may be disseminated via Blastcast, website, mail, personal contact, etc. while staying within established budgetary constraints.
G. Prepare articles for the electronic media, multimedia and/or All Access PT Newsletter regarding Payer Relations topics.
H. Communicate and coordinates efforts in the Payer Relations arena with APTA and its components as appropriate.

5.   Meeting Services

A. Consults with the Director at Large for Conference to assure that courses and conferences are well-organized and reflect Association strategic plan objectives, policies, and standards
B. Supervise and assist the Professional Development Coordinator/Meeting Planner, and Exhibits Chair in their roles of coordinating, planning, scheduling and evaluation of the Association's conferences and other meeting services, to include:
" Negotiate for the Association's conferences and exhibit spaces.
" Coordinate with staff and committee members to plan, manage, and coordinate the conferences, such as location, dates, catering, audio visual needs, social functions, speaker arrangements, exhibit space/decorator, assignment of exhibit spaces.
" Supervise production and mailing of promotional and marketing information of conferences and exhibits.
" Supervise processing of registrations for attendees and exhibitors for the conferences/continuing education courses, to include development of confirmation letters/emails, development of attendee lists, badges, signage, and preparation of final program and conference materials.
" Provide for the onsite management and staffing of the Association's conferences and exhibits.
" Arrange for the Board of Directors meetings, to include meeting location, accommodations, materials, and food/beverage requirements.
C. Support the nominating committee with the nomination and election process. 

6.  Advocacy

A. In cooperation with the Vice President, Federal Government Affairs Liaison, and lobbyist, serve as a key resource person and provide updates to members on legislative activities.
B. As directed by the Vice President or President, represent the Association at appropriate legislative meetings and events and assist in the development of legislative testimony or public talking points/presentation of the NCPTA positions and statements.
C. Serve as primary liaison to the contracted lobbyist(s).
D. Responsible for overseeing the Association's Payer Relations interest and activities, and supports the President/Vice President regarding legislative advocacy for Payer Relations.
E. Assists in the development and distribution of communication to members, Key Contacts, Governmental Affairs Committee members, and Association leadership of critical legislative and Payer Relations activities

7. Professional Responsibility and Professional Development

A. Elicit ongoing feedback on own performance and participate in an annual review process led by the Association's Executive Committee.
B. Demonstrates ability to maintain strict confidentiality.
C. Show ongoing evidence of continuing professional development.
D. Complete additional responsibilities/projects as assigned by Board of Directors.
E. Completes reports similar to NCPTA Board members regarding current year performance and progress toward goals, anticipated budget and project status.
F. Maintains logs of activities and contacts.
G. Will prioritize and recommend meeting attendance to facilitate strategic outcomes (APTA meetings or forums/ Chapter/BOD/ Payer Relations Committee/other) in conjunction with the NCPTA President

Physical Requirements:

1. Works in a standard office environment or remotely.
2. Must be able to work at the computer for significant periods of time.
3. Position requires extended period of sitting (1-2 hours minimum).
4. Position requires car travel to local and greater North Carolina sites for meetings/conferences, as well as air travel on occasion.
5. Must be able to negotiate distances from car/parking lots to meetings with material that may weigh up to 30 pounds.
6. Work alone for extended periods of time.

Organization Name: 
North Carolina Physical Therapy Association
Career Level: 
Job Type: 
Part Time
Organization Type: 
How to Apply: 

To Apply:

Please forward a resume, cover letter and references to NCPTA President, Dr. Kyle
Covington, PT, DPT, PhD at ncptapresident@ncpt.org.  Please include in your cover letter
your desired work effort (.75-1.0) and anticipated salary range.   If you have questions about
the position you can contact Dr. Covington at 919-215-6821.