First Nonprofit Companies

Manage your unemployment taxes.

We've partnered with First Nonprofit Companies (FNC) to offer Center Members a way to more effectively manage unemployment insurance.

Center Members receive a 20% discount on your enrollment fees and special discounts on FNC's unemployment insurance products.

First Nonprofit Companies offers two programs designed to help you reduce your expenses regardless of whether you're currently paying state unemployment tax or if you self-insure.

The Unemployment Savings Program

  • Is designed for organizations with 10 or more full-time employees.
  • Reimburses the state for the actual claims paid to your former employees, instead of paying the tax upfront.
  • Is generally less expensive than paying the unemployment tax.
  • Is hassle free because FNC handles all the paperwork.
  • Allows you to redirect dollars saved into programs for your mission.

The Bonded Service Program

  • Is designed for organizations with more than 50 full-time employees.
  • Has much lower costs than the State Unemployment Insurance Tax.
  • Saves you time because payment of all unemployment benefit charges is done by FNC.
  • Has a fixed annual cost with multi-year coverage options and no exposure to any additional risks.
  • Gives you precise allocation of costs to funding sources.
  • Provides professional claims management.
  • Consolidates all unemployment insurance expenses under a single-cost structure.