ESC Speaker Series: Barbara Jessie-Black - Leading a Nonprofit in the Space of Change

C-H-A-N-G-E…that emotionally loaded word, evoking a twinge of fear and nausea when we hear it, a space which all of us will have to navigate at some point in our careers as nonprofit leaders. How does this word resonate with you…ACTION or RESULT? How does your answer to this question inform how you lead your organization in the space of change? How do you lead your organization in a space of change by ‘being present’ and ‘showing up’ as your whole authentic self? What does ‘being present’ and ‘showing up’ as your whole authentic self even mean? Let’s get real and talk about it openly and honestly, ’being present’ and ‘showing up’ for each other in the space of change. Namaste.

Leading a Nonprofit in the Space of Change is a speaker event intended to inspire new ways of thinking about change, your nonprofit’s mission fit if or when your core shifts, and how to cultivate an exchange of ideas about change. There will be opportunities for you to share your experiences regarding change, mission change, and purpose change within your nonprofit and the communities you serve. Barbara Jessie-Black is an excellent speaker with a wealth of training and experience leading change. She will share her experiences that shaped her nonprofit career with stories, examples, and humor.

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Event Date(s): 
Thursday, February 6, 2020, 9:00am to 11:00am
Barbara Jessie-Black, CommunityWorx (formerly PTA Thrift Shop, Inc.)
RTP Headquarters
12 Davis Dr
RTP, NC 27709
United States