Building Relationships in an Un-relatable World

In this unprecedented time of great uncertainty, our country has come to rely on nonprofits, from healthcare providers to food banks and many more. We have also seen great inequities exposed, as well as humanity rising to the challenges of this time with great acts of philanthropy. How is your nonprofit tackling the challenges of today and preparing for the rebuilding ahead? Are you continuing to build relationships with donors or have you abandoned fundraising?

Join this special one-hour virtual conversation to address some of the tough questions of our time related to philanthropy. Hosted by Allan Burrows and Clare Jordan from CapDev, we will offer advice and resources to address issues of donor relations facing nonprofits as we manage through this pandemic together. Please send your questions when you register and we will prioritize our time to address those points most relevant to you.

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Event Date(s): 
Wednesday, May 20, 2020, 10:00am to 11:00am
Allan Burrows and Clare Jordan, CapDev
Online Conversation
Anywhere, NC 00000
United States