6 Steps to Reducing Unconscious Biases in the Workplace

Unconscious biases are our unintentional people preferences, created and maintained by factors such as the way we have been socialized during our upbringing, our personal experiences as an adult and the impact of the media. Age, ethnicity, gender, weight, and even hair color can play a role in personal assessments of candidates and employees and influence the decision to hire, fire, and promote in the workplace. While these influences may be unintentional, it does not change the fact that they are fundamentally unfair. These biases are natural and we all have them. Raising awareness of personal biases enables us to become more conscious of bias-based assumptions, encouraging us to seek more information/perspectives leading to: higher self-perception, enhanced problem-solving, improved logical reasoning and better client/employee relationships. If left unchecked, unconscious bias can thrive in hiring, promotions, and in feedback. It is important to hire a diverse workforce to be competitive. However, an unconscious bias works against this and keeps some from being equal, successful, and economically stable. Leadership must combat unconscious bias and this workshop will inlud the 6 Steps to Reducing Bias in the Workplace. 


  • Explore the unconscious and hidden biases that we all have

  • Discover the aspects that promote inclusion or constrain it

  • Learn tools and techniques to override bias and rewire the brain to become more inclusive and effective

  • Explore what we can do to avoid the negative impact or consequences of bias

  • Learn how can we become more self aware and learn to manage our filter

  • Assessment and techniques on how we make the Unconscious Conscious?


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Event Date(s): 
Tuesday, September 17, 2019, 1:30pm to 4:30pm
Gracie Johnson-Lopez, Diversity & HR Solutions
RTP Foundation Training Room
12 Davis Drive
Durham, NC 27709
United States