501(c)(3) Advocacy on State Constitutional Amendments

This fall, North Carolina voters will have the opportunity to decide whether six amendments will be made to the North Carolina Constitution. Voters will be asked to decide on constitutional amendments that would:

  1. Reduce the maximum state income tax rate from 10% to 7%;

  2. Require photographic identification for in-person voting in future elections;
  3. (a) Remove the Governor’s ability to appoint some members of state boards and commissions, giving the state legislature the power to make these appointments; and (b) restructure the Bipartisan State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement.

  4. Constitutionally enshrine the right to hunt and fish;

  5. Expand the rights of victims of crimes; and

  6. Remove the Governor’s power to fill judicial vacancies.

Many nonprofits – along with the people and communities they serve – would be affected by these changes to the state constitution and may be interested in advocating for or against one or all of these proposed constitutional amendments.


This guide is designed to answer some frequently asked questions that North Carolina nonprofits have about advocating for or against state constitutional amendments and other ballot measures.