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At CliniSpan Health, we believe it is imperative for our society to work together in order to make healthcare more accessible for every citizen. Therefore, our mission is to bring down healthcare costs and develop communities by increasing enrollment in clinical trials and supporting nonprofits through our socially conscious fundraising platform.

Clinical trials are essential for healthcare advances and for discovering life-saving medicines and treatments for those who desperately need them. However, not enough people are participating in clinical trials. As a result, trials are delayed or even completely shut down, leaving those who need treatments feeling hopeless. Because of this, the cost of trials skyrockets, making our country’s healthcare even PRICER.

With the help of the nonprofit industry, CliniSpan Health has the ability to encourage communities to get involved and to make millions of people aware of clinical trials. When nonprofits help us, we go above and beyond to help nonprofits! To compensate nonprofit organizations for spreading awareness for clinical trials, we offer a unique fundraising opportunity that can exceed fundraising goals.

This FREE fundraising platform is open to all nonprofits, even if your organization is non-health related. When a nonprofit utilizes our fundraising platform, not only do they raise money for their cause, but they also help find vital medical treatments and improve access to healthcare. Improving healthcare, driving down the costs and developing communities is a social effort, and we need we need everyone’s help!

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