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Answers to Common Questions About Nonprofits and the 2022 Election

Last updated: October 13, 2022

David Heinen, Vice President for Public Policy and Advocacy

Wondering what types of election-related activities your nonprofit can and can’t do between now and the November 8 general election? You’re not alone; the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits has been fielding many questions about what’s legal and what’s advisable. Here’s a quick take on some of the most common questions we’re hearing.

Expired Tax Provisions Create Uncertainty for Nonprofits’ 2022 Finances

Last updated: February 10, 2022

David Heinen, Vice President for Public Policy and Advocacy, North Carolina Center for Nonprofits

As we enter the start of tax season, nonprofit leaders are concerned that their organizations’ finances may be challenged this year by the recent expiration of several temporary tax provisions, including the expanded child tax credit, the Employee Retention Tax Credit, and three tax incentives for charitable giving.

The Expanded and Improved Child Tax Credit

Call with Confidence: Ten Tips for Talking with Policy Makers

Lisa Hazirjian, Ph.D., Win Together Consulting

I have a confession to make: I get a little nervous whenever I call a policy maker. OK, more than a little. We’re talking heart racing as I dial, grabbing a sip of water for my dry mouth as I wait for someone to pick up the phone. Yet despite that, when there’s a public policy question on which I want to be heard, I call my elected officials because I’ve seen firsthand what a difference phone calls from constituents can make.

Status Update on 11 State Legislative Proposals Affecting Nonprofits

Last updated: July 15, 2021

David Heinen, Vice President for Public Policy and Advocacy

Over the past six months, the Center's weekly policy updates have mentioned a variety of state bills that could affect the operations of nonprofits. We know that many nonprofits are interested in some or all of these bills, so here is a quick update on the status of legislation affecting nonprofits.