COVID-19 Impact and Support

The North Carolina Center for Nonprofits has partnered with the Office of the NC Secretary of State and Strategic Partnerships office at the NC Office of State Budget and Management to update our COVID-19 Impact and Support Survey (en español). Please take the survey and share it with other nonprofit leaders in your community. Your responses will help us understand what COVID-19 related needs are most pressing in North Carolina and how they’ve changed since March. To connect nonprofits to the right resources, responses will be publicly available and shared among coalition, philanthropic, and government leaders (information and graphics below will also be updated accordingly).

We've been working with state government and private funders to ensure that North Carolina nonprofits are included as decisions are made about COVID-19 containment and response and to ensure that nonprofits have access to the many types of support that are needed by their organizations and those they serve. We initiated a survey of nonprofits for these reasons:

  1. We realize it is important to measure the impact and learn about the needs of nonprofits statewide as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis continues.
  2. We know that many nonprofits need help to get through this crisis, and the data from this survey can help our state government and private funders understand more specifically the types of meaningful assistance that they can provide to strengthen the ability of nonprofits to continue to provide so many essential services in all parts of North Carolina.

The data below reflects 680 responses from NC nonprofits between March 16-23, 2020, and continues to inform conversations with legislators and funders. (Download Response Summary or Complete Survey Responses


Level of severity that COVID-19 impacts are currently having or are predicted to have on programs, services, or general operations of nonprofit organizations

Severity of Impact of COVID-19 Crisis


What impacts has your organization experienced or anticipates experiencing?

COVID-19 Impacts Experienced or Anticipating Experiencing


Would additional flexibility in the use of existing grant or contract funding for unrestricted purposes help your nonprofit respond to this crisis?

Flexibility of Existing Funding in Response to COVID-19


Are there other resources that foundations, businesses, or government could provide that would help your nonprofit respond to COVID-19?

Resources by Business, Government, or Foundation to Help Respond to COVID-19


What specific impacts do you anticipate COVID-19 will have on the community or population your nonprofit serves?

Anticipated Impacts of COVID-19 on Communities Served