It’s important for nonprofits to get involved in voter engagement work, because we have a much stronger voice if the people we serve turn out to vote. Nonprofits can have an enormous impact in getting people to register to vote and to turn out at the polls since we’re trusted resources in our communities and we often serve populations who are under-represented in voter turnout. Your nonprofit can do voter registration, get-out-the-vote work, and voter education, such as candidate forums and questionnaires on your issues. You just need to stay nonpartisan.

It's easy for nonprofits to get "voterized." You can do something as simple as putting up a poster or voter registration forms in your reception areas or something more involved such as offering rides to the polls, conducting a nonpartisan voter registration drive, or hosting a canddiate forum.

National Voter Registration Day, which takes place on September 25, is a great way to get involved. Sign up today to host an Nonprofit Voter Registration Day event at your nonprofit.

Here's what you need to know to be a "voterized" nonprofit:

Check out these excellent resources from Democracy North Carolina: