Nonprofit lobbying compensation reporting

Nonprofits registered as lobbyist principals in North Carolina are required to report compensation paid for lobbying purposes on their final expense reports of the year filed with the Lobbying Compliance Division of the N.C. Secretary of State. 

For purposes of this report, nonprofits must include:

  1. Compensation paid to contract lobbyists; and
  2. Compensation paid to staff registered as lobbyists for the following:
  • Direct lobbying;
  • Goodwill lobbying;
  • Research related to lobbying efforts;
  • Drafting of written communications related to lobbying efforts;
  • Monitoring of proposed or pending legislation or executive action; and
  • Time spent advising or rendering opinions to the nonprofit about the construction or effect of pending or proposed legislation or executive action.

For more information on lobbying registration and reporting, see the Center's summary of North Carolina lobbying laws for nonprofits.