Nonprofit Awareness Month

Create awareness. Build buzz.

Nonprofit Awareness Month is a statewide initiative to educate the public about how nonprofits enrich and enliven our communities.

Why is it important?

Your voice is part of the collective "we." The more you speak, the more folks are educated on the integral role nonprofits play in our lives. That means added support for your organization and for all of us.

As a busy executive director, staff member, board member, or volunteer, how do I undertake one more task, if only for one month?

In reality, you celebrate Nonprofit Awareness Month year-round just by doing what you do: feeding homeless families, rehabbing old houses, maintaining local parks, curating art exhibits, opening the doors of medical clinics every morning…serving your community and easing some of their needs.

In November, keep on keeping on, and add your voice with some of the low-maintenance ideas below.

When you speak, we all speak.


Ways you can get involved:


2013 Nonprofit Awareness Month Calendar