Nonprofit Awareness Month

November is
Nonprofit Awareness Month!

Join us in celebrating nonprofits this year! Many thanks to our friends at the Idaho Nonprofit Center for this great compilation of Nonprofit Awareness Month activities.

How Can You Participate?

Reach Out through Social Media

  • Use #NPAware whenever posting on social media to spread the word about Nonprofit Awareness Month and to connect with other organizations participating. 
  • Share your organization's everyday activities as well as the larger impact statistics.
  • Take and post pictures of your staff, board, volunteers, and clients (with their permission).
  • Share personal stories about your organization. What makes you unique?
  • Like the North Carolina Center forNonprofits on Facebook and Twitter to follow along and join the fun!

Reach Out to Government

  • Contact your mayor and city council members and ask them to sign a proclamation.
  • Attend State and City Proclamation Signing Ceremonies.
  • Hold an open house - invite your local elected officials to your offices for an open house and tell them about your work and its impact.

Reach Out to Your Community

  • Spread the word - put a Nonprofit Awareness Month announcement in your newsletter and on social media.
  • Build awareness for your nonprofit - talk about it in presentations to community groups and service clubs.
  • Celebrate volunteers - identify and recognize dedicated volunteers in your nonprofit. Work with local media outlets to help publicize the invaluable role volunteers play.

Reach Out to Media

  • Notify your local media about Nonprofit Awareness Month.
  • Invite a local reporter to your nonprofit and share your story.
  • Write an op-ed for your local newspaper about your organization.