Protecting Consumers in NC

North Carolina Consumers Council
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One night in 1967, a group of friends sat on a back patio discussing a lemon 1966 MG sedan, a trailer repossessed one month shy of its final loan payment, and the subsequent lack of consumer representation in North Carolina.

North Carolina Consumers Council (NCCC) was born from this conversation, kicking off almost 50 years of consumer advocacy, education, and protection. NCCC was the first consumer organization in North Carolina and nearly half a century later, we remain the only consumer organization that represents the entire state. Consumer news and information is published on our website and shared via a weekly email newsletter and our social media pages. We also strive to educate consumers through attending public events and hosting outreach programs.

As a consumer resource we direct consumers to agencies suited to their specific needs.

This information is free and readily available to anyone who asks, but those who wish to join our organization as members enjoy additional benefits including business discounts and credit union eligibility. As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, we rely on membership dues, grants, and donations to fund daily operations and outreach programs. We value our hard-earned reputation for being fair and unbiased and, as such, we do not fund or endorse political candidates or campaigns, nor do we take money from special interest groups.

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