Improving Children's Health

Graham Children’s Health Services
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Since its inception in 1997, GCHS has been a synergist, using concepts from development and capacity building theories to implement community-driven interventions targeting community-identified needs. 

Projects in 2014-15 include:

  • family-friendly 5K
  • free tennis camps for local children
  • constructing a community disc golf course
  • repairing and expanding a walking/running trail
  • providing a comprehensive summer activities guide for families
  • after school programs for at-risk kids
  • repairing community soccer fields

Additionally GCHS has a summer food program that delivers food staples, locally grown fresh produce, healthy recipes and children’s books to the doorsteps of local families who depend on free breakfast and lunch to feed their children during the school year. We also have a Substance Abuse Task Force to mobilize community members, organizations and healthcare providers to proactively and collaboratively face the challenges of substance abuse in our community.

According to Toe River Health District Director, Lynda Kinnane, “Graham Children’s Health Services is a dream public health partner. We have won two Child Health Best Practice Awards based on our partnership with GCHS."

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Summer Harvest 2015