Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

The Ada Jenkins Center
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Behind every door, there is a story, and people of all walks of life come through the doors of Ada Jenkins Center every day. We live in an economy that is increasingly difficult to navigate, and for families with limited resources, the threat of crisis is very real. Whether these families have tripped over their own feet or had the rug pulled out from under them, they may find themselves without food, health insurance, or even a home. The Ada Jenkins Center provides support, education, guidance and empowerment.

Our historic building has stood as a pillar of the community since the 1930s. Today, we partner with local agencies to bring together 21 programs and services all under one roof. These include crisis assistance, individualized case management, a food pantry, free clothing and household goods stores, a free medical clinic, a mobile community dental clinic, and various educational programs including LEARN Works, our afterschool tutoring and enrichment program.

Poverty is cyclical and to break the cycle, we must work together holistically to solve challenging issues. Our board of directors, staff, and 750+ volunteers work with parents and children alike to build a better, stronger community. We invite you to come and take a tour of the Ada Jenkins Center and see the amazing change that happens every day! Visit us online at to learn more.

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